Family Learning Center

Objective: The Family Learning Center was created to fill a need for families of Hancock as an outgrowth of the 7th & 8th Grade After School Program. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for parents and students to share the learning experience so that the family will be united in the effort to educate both students and parents of the Hancock Community.

Curriculum: The Center will fulfill the needs of the community as it defines them. The curriculum will be developed and altered, adjusted, or created by the stated needs of the parents and adults of the Hancock Community. Subjects such as local history, family history, nutrition, education, sports, CPR, yoga, music, literacy, cooking, quilting, Spanish and more have already been identified. The program will try to raise the learning desires of all members of the community. Ultimately, the long range goal is it will be a uniting factor in the pursuit of education in the Hancock community.

Adult Education Courses:

  • How to create an outstanding resume
  • Finding college courses on the Internet
  • Helping your child become a better reader
  • Microsoft Word – Beginner Class
  • GED on the Internet and Continuing Education