Objective: To prepare the child for the rigors of formal education with sufficient socialization discipline to make learning effective. Combine motor skill training with cognitive learning to overcome early deficits.

Schedule: The Preschool is open from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Father Rausch Memorial Hall at St. Paul’s. The Preschool is sponsored by St. Paul’s Catholic Church and open to all families without regard to race, color or religion.

Teacher: Sage Evanitsky

Sage graduated from Hancock Central School, and with support of HCEF scholarships received her bachelor’s degree in early childhood and special education from SUNY Broome Community College. Sage is a former student at the Hancock Preschool!

Assistant: Ashley Davie

Ashley graduated from Deposit Central School and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood from SUNY Broome Community College. Ashley is a former student at the Hancock Preschool!

Curriculum: Integrated science, math, and literature studies. Oceans with their inhabitants for counting, grouping and vocabulary skills. Beaches with seashell identification and grouping. Dinosaur history, families and types. Introduction to Paleontology and digs. Volcanoes and violent storms, origins, and nature. Nesting birds, types, and nest matching, habitat and instincts. Raising baby chicks in the cycle from embryo to birth. Nursery rhymes for language patterning and early reading. Name recognition and beginning writing. Playacting of various learned skills and events.

Evaluation: Baseline skills measured with extensions of Children’s Center criteria. Tracking of testing for graduation to formal school education. The Hancock Elementary Principal has made the observation she can identify academically those children who have graduated from the Preschool versus those who have not.

Funding: The Preschool is substantially self-funded. The foundation provides grants for any shortfall in income or special needs.

Contact: For more information, call (607)637-3146