Edward Juba Early Education Scholarship **NEW**

In December 2020 the family of Edward Juba established a scholarship to be known as the Edward Juba Early Education Scholarship, which is now available through the Hancock Community Education Foundation (HCEF). The mission of the HCEF is to provide educational support from birth to post graduation, and the purpose of the Edward Juba Early Education Scholarship fund is to support children at the Preschool whose families need financial assistance. The Preschool is sponsored by St. Paul’s Catholic Church and open to all families in Greater Hancock without regard to religion, race or color. The objective of the Preschool is to prepare children for the rigors of formal education and to prevent and overcome early learning deficits. Having always valued all education highly, “Ed” would be honored that this scholarship will help build a brighter future for our children.

If you would like to donate directly to the scholarship, please DONATE NOW and designate your donation for the “Edward Juba Early Education Scholarship” or make a check out to HCEF/Edward Juba Early Education Scholarship Fund and mail to PO Box 819 Hancock, NY 13783.