Robert Nichol Scholarship

Mary Ann Nichol, wife of Robert W. Nichol, has donated the proceeds from the Nichol Family Trust to the Education Foundation. The interest from the grant will guarantee that graduating students will always have Bob Nichol Scholarships. I wanted to do something to commemorate Bob’s love for Hancock, said Mary Ann. Hancock was his home, his life, where he wanted to be.

Bob Nichol’s untimely death cut short his desire to personally serve the children of Hancock, but Bob’s devotion inspired the creation of the Hancock Community Education Foundation. Look around you, don’t you see it, he said, repeatedly, There’s great need. Bob lived it, shared it with his neighbors, and went to school in Hancock. Bob wasn’t a dumbbell in school and he wasn’t a dumbbell in life, said John Rheinbeck, a fellow Hancock student.

Bob associated with everybody, there was no bully in him, he would rather make a friend than lose one. He could get along with the devil. He treasured his friendships, even had a special attachment to Salina, his cow, Mary Ann remembered. Bob graduated from Hancock High School, worked hard, raised two sons, John and Bob, and went to night school at Syracuse University Business School. He stayed in Syracuse to create a successful land development company.